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Our Mission

“Reaching the un-reached for information, prevention, early detection and timely treatment of all eye diseases causing blindness,free for the poor and at an affordable cost for the less well off.

Chairman Message

ERWO is at the forefront in saving sight by preventing and treating retinal and other blinding eye diseases completely free for the deserving poor patients.

ERWO Profile

The first and only NGO/NPO in Pakistan founded primarily for the free treatment of retinal diseases. The reason being the high cost of retina care.

Help peoples to see the World

ERWO services are free for the poor. It also provides an affordable treatment for all eye diseases with the priority for retinal and other eye disease causing blindness.

Most of us distribute Zakat in the month of Ramzan though it can be given throughout the year. ERWO is grateful for your continued support.


  • In view of the forthcoming month of Ramzan, this is a soft reminder for allocating a generous amount for ERWO which has built a 4000sq/ft. eye center in Nawabshah. It was inaugurated on September 1, 2019.
  • To meet the growing demand 1st floor of another 4000sq/ft. is being added.
  • The total covered area of the entire center will be 32000sq/ft. to be built in phases.
  • Some prospective donors have shown interest to construct the units to be named after their’s or in the name of dear and near ones, or in the name of their organization.


1. Dr. Mukhtar Vitreo – Retinal clinic
2. Capt. K. Farrukh Cataract & Refractive clinic
3. Shaheen Rashid Community Ophthalmology including genetic counseling
4. Shaista Akbar Ophthalmic lasers
5. Glaucoma clinic (Pledged)
6. Cornea clinic (Under negotiation)
7. Pediatric Ophthalmology (Under negotiation)
8. Oculoplastic clinic (Under negotiation)
9. Low Visual Aid clinic and Artificial Eye sight (In the process of establishment)

All these specialties will be housed in the main block consisting of lower ground + 3 stories


The idea of Elza Retina Welfare Organization (ERWO) was conceived by an eminent eye surgeon Dr. M Mukhtar Ahmed and Khawaja Mazher-ud-din were the first to steer ERWO in its initial stages. Dr. Mukhtar is recipient of Pride of Performance, Life Time Achievement and living legend awards in recognition of his humanitarian services. ERWO was founded in 2017 and registered as an NPO/NGO on 10th October started its mission to provide free treatment of the eye diseases for the poor patients, with priority for the retinal diseases. ERWO treats all those diseases which can cause blindness, for example Cataract, glaucoma, corneal disease, squint, trauma and tumors.

YEAR 2O17:
A plot of land measuring about 4000sq.yrd in Nawabshah was donated by Tariq Masood Arain and Arshad Awan. The boundary wall was completed in the same year.
YEAR 2O18:
Construction of the (phase 1) hospital was started. An area of 4000sq/ft. was built to accommodate the clinics and operation theater.
YEAR 2O19:
On 1st September the hospital was inaugurated. Outpatient treatment and day care surgery were started. Within three month 30 + patient came daily
YEAR 2O20:
Within three months of this year the number of patient has increased to 50+ daily. Over a hundred and fifty operations have been carried out.



  • ERWO registered in USA as Charity
  • ERWO offer state-of-the-art service

ERWO registered in USA as Charity

  • In view of growing demand another floor is being added. It will be completed this year.
  • ERWO has been registered in the USA as charity. Thanks to the endless efforts of Dr. Abdul Rashid who is raising funds for ERWO as well.
  • We are in the final stage of registration of ERWO in the UK
  • We have been listed with the Economic Affair Division for registration in order received foreign funds.
  • Since 10th October, 2017 ERWO has screened patients in 25 eye camps, mostly in poor communities.
  • We have done Vitreoretinal operations, phaco surgeries for cataract, glaucoma, corneal transplants, Lasers and anti VEGF injections worth millions of rupees.

ERWO is offering a state of the art service & grow fast

Looking at  the performance of past 6 months since the inauguration all the indications are that ERWO is offering a state of the art service and destined to grow fast to reach the unreached to help people to see the world.

Camp at Qazi Ahmed

January 31.Eye camp at Qazi Ahmed, The Retina of all the sugar patients and of those to have cataract operation was examined by Erwo team. 350 patients were screened

Zia colony, Korangi

January 31.Eye camp at Qazi Ahmed, The Retina of all the sugar patients and of those to have cataract operation was examined by Erwo team. 350 patients were screened

Azeemabad Eye Camp

Elza Retina Welfare organization ERW0 screened patients in eye camps at Azeemabad, Sann and Sakrand in Central and West of river Indus to detect the retinal diseases for timely treatment.

Gulshan-e- Hadeed

Free eye camp at Gulshan-e-Hadeed near steel mills Karachi was held on 30 October 2018. ERWO team saw the patients.

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